Sunday, December 21, 2008

ayah kepada anak-anakku

hehehe controversional ait? since lots of people kept asking me da question of whos da father of my kids down let me gve a special appearance of ODDY a.k.a ABUN..hehehe

Monday, December 15, 2008

anak-anakku dh besar

anak2ku dh besar!! geramnya..comeynya..sayangnya..huhuhu ramai org mintak neh tp sygny nk pisahkan depa..sorry ya guys..leh bg gambo je la untuk tatapan umum..hehe luv to watch em playing around..jumpin all over anything dat can be stepped on..smpai ke muka aku pon kena pijak...luka la pulak tepi idung n bwh atas mulut aku sbb bdk2 kicik neh..huhu tp xpa, still luv em all loads n loads..cant imagine life witout em..thx allah for those sweet lil things...only em, lit up my boring life at home


tired but's my sister's wedding!!! hoho finally, aku ada abang?? wahaha alhamdulillah everythng's done n all i'v to do for this time being is to kemas2 umah la pulak..pergh penatnya x yah kata la..huhuhu neway, wishing SELAMAT PENGANTIN BARU to my dear sis, mudahan berkekalan sampai da org pnggil aku maksu lak pasni..hehe nk story byk pun x larat,tgk gambo dh la eh..several pictures taken during dat memorable day,pkai hp je capture sbb cari charger camera x jumpak..ampeh toi..YEYE ada abang!! ahaha

Monday, December 8, 2008

hepi hepi in hometown!!

dis is all i got, dis is all i want..nothing n no one can replaced the emptiness deep inside my heart but my family...luv em all so much..n my frens, they r just extremely awesome, couldnt imagine life witout em...gals n guys, lets go ronggeng!!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Edward Cullen?

suddenly everyone is talking bout Edward Cullen. da spa2 tatao ka spa mamat neh? ala yg dok blakang umah aku tuh la..ahahaha all my gurlfrens are talking n gila bayanging at dis guy..ahaha dun daydreaming sgt la gurls, he's in a fiction story only maa, but i got to admit dat HE IS F*CKINGLY DAMN HOTTIESSSSSS!!! ahaha np la xdak org2 skeliling aku yg hot cmtu? ish2..sabo je la..hehe

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I'm STUCKED in bangi n STUCKED in life

i want to go home!!!!!!! hari raya aidiladha just few days to come yet im still here in bangi,wit no transportation,no frens n no everything!!! waaaaa tiket balik kedah sudah habis maa,bus n trains suma abeh,ikotkan ati nk nek flight ja tp all of sudden my sis ckp nk balik but hv to wait for her till dis saturday la pulak, n those waiting moments for surely will kill me harsh. mama, adik nk balik umah cepat2 huhuhu i dont wanna stay here much longer doing nothing but thinking bout dat particular human being.

sum1 dat i can see no more, no more bright happy laugh, no more silly silly jokes n for surely no more dat 'in-team' words....sigh,i know it gotta b sumtink wrong wit all this situation or it all just wrong, starting from the very 1st beginning...i can say that, i choosed da wrong guy, again? ahaha

i shouldnt mess myself wit dis pathetic agonizing fluffy fluffy silly feelings again actually. my life is so damn fine for da last 7 months, my bruises are healed, perfectly covered wit no scar(i guessed), i can finally took off da stitches dat make me look awful, im happy as hell o heaven. but when i saw u at dat unfined evening, my heart beats faster then i can imagine...wats happening to me? allah,pls dun try to test me again,emotionally...

i try to keep it as distinguished as i can, i dun want to get carried away by those sceptically stupid feelings dat will always playing around wit people's heart..but i cant, cos u started it..U'v STARTED IT..n me, a weak foolish bengap human being cant avoid anythg but to continue wat u'v started.. n now, all i can do is to go to da pharmacy to get myself a 'painkiller' n loads of plasters again n make my own remedy sumtimes,which is..pretending..pretend dat i'm fine..damn, it's bleeding again...

im sori,it's not me to brag or to accuse anybody but just hoping dat one day i'll know wat is da rite path for me to carry on through my entire me me

Saturday, November 29, 2008


december is arriving..wit plane or car or bicycle or beca,i dunno..i just cant believe myself end up being alone again in, i mean in UKM rite now doing da acredatation things..bundles of board need to be set up b4 tomorrow but nobody seems to really care bout it cos everybody is so damn tired to handle it anymore.. but this thing is not da main factor of my loneliness actually...cant believe i fall in luv wit a gay!! ahaha..opss wrong fact!! but watever it is,my heart n my soul r really22222 sarcastically badly miserably HURT AGAIN!! dammit~ god really wanna show me sumtink or it just me who cant figure out of wat really supposedly to happen in my life?supposedly i choose? each day,it's getting worst cos i cant stop thinking n thinking n thinking..ARE GOOD GUYS REALLY EXIST IN THIS WORLD??....stupid me...i gotta be strong no matter wat,pretend like nothing happen,wish that nothing really ever me~

Monday, November 24, 2008

home now..lalala

so good to be home!!! but quite bored here,got nothing to do then end up sleeping lorh..luckily my anak2 are juz so damn adorable, luv playing wit them..hehe i want to really2 appreciate my time in my hometown rite now but i'v to go back to Ukm for my accreditation agonizing~ penat seyh ulang-alik,bknnya dekat kot..huhuhu sabo je la.. hey~ y i miss him?? surely ma frens know who's dat guy..ahaha..daa~

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

cute lil things!!!

cute lil thing!!! damn!!! they r juz sooooo cute..tq god, 4 da adorable 'anak-anak' dat i'v rite now..ahahaha..hey my frens in alor star, do come to my house to visit my 'anak-anak' kay..definitely gonna luv them..peace~


ma archi_4ORCE clan

Here I am..wat am I doing rite now in middle of the nite? Working and working and working of cos like I always do. My life? All bout working a.k.a studying like hell. Whilst everbody around me suma tgh sedap2 tido x sedar diri dh,but I’m still awake doing all dis assigmnt yang x penah abeh2 la. Penat? Of COS!! But wat to do. This is wat we called a REAL LIFE, not fairy tale dorh… my eyes mcm nk tercabut dh pn but I must stay awake slagi keja ni x siap, rasa cm x aman la idup neh even nk tido pn still thinking bout keja neh, lusa kena submit weh…ya allah..sabo je la

At the very first day of the semester dah dpt assignment yg kena submit at the end of the week pulak tuh..wah wah memb aku yg lain siap still da kt kampong lagi kot. Jhiayu jhiayu!! Gambate naa!! Ni la nasib seorng bdk ARCHITECTURE. Spa kata architecture senang haa??? Meh la lawan ngn aku klu brani ckp yg archi tuh senang..sila sila.. nothing in dis world yg senang pn in fact. Klu nk senang baik x yah idup jd manusia, jd la kucing yg comel2 yg org leh bela, idup mmg senang je la, mkn tido tido mkn pahtu bertambah gemok lagi org sayang. But I do believe dat things happen 4 certain reason dat we’v to figure it out. We can’t change our fate if we juz stood up still doing nothing.

Whatever it takes, life goes on la babe~ no matter how sux it is, we should be thankful cos god still keep us alive in his precious world. Stay alive with our beloved family and frens around. If u couldnt have a Cinderella ending skali pun, at least we dun have to live a hell life like Cinderella,with her stepmom and stepsis. Hmm juz hoping dat everything will be better in time.. =)

i miss him~??

Spa tuh?????? Ahahaha entah la..yg lepas? X kot..
yg skarang? Ada ka?...
yg akan datang? Ada jugak ka?
Hehehe juz wait n c...daaaa~

*but i’m missing sumbdy..*wink*

starting from middle

Im searching 4 da missing part of me…ahaha sound so sarcastic daa..ouch~ damn hurt bila nothing seems to move so well..hmm.. so tired n lazy to study 4 my final paper 4 dis sem..cant wait to end this thing up but too scared to face da ‘killer paper’ huhuhu…wats on my mind?? I dunno..everything seems so blurred up..xdak satu pun clear skang neh.. atoih la, cmno nk wat neh? Wat tatao sudah la kot…may god light up my way 4ever n ever n ever n ever…d end of part 5 r so mysterious..ahahaha loads,loads,loads of ‘miracles’ happened..ahahaha from the happiest hour to the damn f*ckng sad seconds… well, wat do u expect in life then…let by gone be by gone je la…sori ya to everybody~