Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Single, double, triple?

cant wait to go to jb..dunno why but sumhow rather i've to admit dat i miss him...it's been a while since da last time i saw him...actually da intention going to jb is not cos of him ler, wanna setel up my thesis (topikal study) there. tp, smbil menyelam minum air, eventhough air tuh masin..ahaha but dunno why, my feeling seems to fade away not to him only, but to any guy dat i know rite now to b honest. i just so enjoying myself to be single. No bluffing. it's true!! myb cos i get used of it dh kot. hmm.. my 'x' is begging for my attention again, not dat 'expired' one.. another one. how many 'x' i got? ahaha just 3 lor..ok la tuh, leh kira pkai jari ag... i just dunno how to react cos i dun wanna get into any kind of trouble or madness or sick sux feelings anymore. im so damn happy to be frensss wit everybody around me. btol la apa org slalu ckp, SINGLE IS SIMPLE, DOUBLE IS TROUBLE, TRIPLE?? IT's COMPLICATED~ ahaha

Monday, January 26, 2009

i know ur name, but i dont get ur number...YET~ ahaha

im so damn bored tonite...only searching for my thesis info..happen to be i'v to open up my university's website, to be precised, my faculty's web..then all if sudden, an idea of stalking appeared in my mind when i saw the link to list of 'Kakitangan'...ahahaha i searched for every jabatan in my faculty but fail at first then i open up at the 'Helpdesk' link.......... Tada~ ahahaha gotcha!!! now i know his name...lalalala epi epi ahahaha... aku gatal ke? lantak la..jnji aku epi..hehehe but i cant mentioned here wats his name...shh xleh clear sgt eh..nnt kantoi..kih kih kih xoxo