Thursday, March 5, 2009


im giving up to very guy dat i know (SERIUOSLY) tired of having a guy who just 'luv' to hangout wit me for a nite but dint LUV me forever... those hints dat Allah sent me really keep me stray from those creatures named 'MEN'... guys nowadays really after those 'MANJA-MANJA', GEDIK-GEDIK, OMEL-OMEL gurls who really know how to beg, to persuade, to 'INDU-INDU'(rindu)...dat kind of gurl is definitely not me!! im a rough, rude, arrogant, loud spoken gurl.. im a marching band gurl, not a prom queen.. i dunt even know what my dress size is, i dunt even know wat lipstick suits me best, i dun even know wat is foundation,i dun even know how to wear hot pants, i dun even know wat is it like to ting-tong wit frens in club, i dun even know how it feels to be in a club wit bunch of frens,i dun even know how to keep my hair still, n i dun even know myself!!!

wat i know is, i lurve having all those dirt n mud in my face due to hot exposure of sun during my site analysis, i just know wat drum is, i just know how it feels to be a drummer, i just know how lifted up heavy things, i just know to be in construction site dealing wit cement n sands, i just know wat sizes of column, beam, steel beam, wires, n all those hardware material, i just know to stay under the hot burning sun in the construction site, not staying in the air-cond wit nice fragrance on my body always... whos gonna like a gurl like me? a gurl dat doesnt looks like a gurl,doesnt act like a gurl, most importantly doesnt know how to show that she lurve,she cares sum1...

but no matter how sux my life could be, i will never let these tears fall down my face again, never again cos big gurls dun cry...

weirdos day!! (dedicated to iman)

alahai..cian kt bdk klas aku sorang neh..abeh pecah la cermin depan keta so sorry 4 u iman but i cant help myself from loughing out loud wit my other frens when watching u driving that car witout front mirror..ahahaha dpt natural ventilation tuh beb..hehe tp tuh la korang, terganggu waktu tido aku sbb g tolong korang..hehehe but da best part is aku lak lupa tutup boot blakang keta bila tgh drive!! bapak malu gila!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahahahaha sabo je la..seb bek la org x kenal aku pun..klu x,simpan muka dlm tool box la..hehe neway len kali drive lek lok la eh..aku pun kinda worried bout my car's mirror cos it's alrdy crack a bit..huhu hope everythg's fine till ever...

design extend smpai ari selasa depan..yihuu!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

dis design is killing me!!

dh lepas presentation therapeutic lak cengkadak nak kena tmbah drawing!! detail, detail,detail..atoih la chek~ nk kna jd buruh binaan la pulak,susun bata sesiap la...huhuuhu ngn flu aku neh bla ntah nk lega, chop suey sunggoh la idup neh..all i wanted rite now is just having a nice uninterrupted SLEEP!!! huhuhuhu DIE~