Wednesday, November 19, 2008

cute lil things!!!

cute lil thing!!! damn!!! they r juz sooooo cute..tq god, 4 da adorable 'anak-anak' dat i'v rite now..ahahaha..hey my frens in alor star, do come to my house to visit my 'anak-anak' kay..definitely gonna luv them..peace~


ma archi_4ORCE clan

Here I am..wat am I doing rite now in middle of the nite? Working and working and working of cos like I always do. My life? All bout working a.k.a studying like hell. Whilst everbody around me suma tgh sedap2 tido x sedar diri dh,but I’m still awake doing all dis assigmnt yang x penah abeh2 la. Penat? Of COS!! But wat to do. This is wat we called a REAL LIFE, not fairy tale dorh… my eyes mcm nk tercabut dh pn but I must stay awake slagi keja ni x siap, rasa cm x aman la idup neh even nk tido pn still thinking bout keja neh, lusa kena submit weh…ya allah..sabo je la

At the very first day of the semester dah dpt assignment yg kena submit at the end of the week pulak tuh..wah wah memb aku yg lain siap still da kt kampong lagi kot. Jhiayu jhiayu!! Gambate naa!! Ni la nasib seorng bdk ARCHITECTURE. Spa kata architecture senang haa??? Meh la lawan ngn aku klu brani ckp yg archi tuh senang..sila sila.. nothing in dis world yg senang pn in fact. Klu nk senang baik x yah idup jd manusia, jd la kucing yg comel2 yg org leh bela, idup mmg senang je la, mkn tido tido mkn pahtu bertambah gemok lagi org sayang. But I do believe dat things happen 4 certain reason dat we’v to figure it out. We can’t change our fate if we juz stood up still doing nothing.

Whatever it takes, life goes on la babe~ no matter how sux it is, we should be thankful cos god still keep us alive in his precious world. Stay alive with our beloved family and frens around. If u couldnt have a Cinderella ending skali pun, at least we dun have to live a hell life like Cinderella,with her stepmom and stepsis. Hmm juz hoping dat everything will be better in time.. =)

i miss him~??

Spa tuh?????? Ahahaha entah la..yg lepas? X kot..
yg skarang? Ada ka?...
yg akan datang? Ada jugak ka?
Hehehe juz wait n c...daaaa~

*but i’m missing sumbdy..*wink*

starting from middle

Im searching 4 da missing part of me…ahaha sound so sarcastic daa..ouch~ damn hurt bila nothing seems to move so well..hmm.. so tired n lazy to study 4 my final paper 4 dis sem..cant wait to end this thing up but too scared to face da ‘killer paper’ huhuhu…wats on my mind?? I dunno..everything seems so blurred up..xdak satu pun clear skang neh.. atoih la, cmno nk wat neh? Wat tatao sudah la kot…may god light up my way 4ever n ever n ever n ever…d end of part 5 r so mysterious..ahahaha loads,loads,loads of ‘miracles’ happened..ahahaha from the happiest hour to the damn f*ckng sad seconds… well, wat do u expect in life then…let by gone be by gone je la…sori ya to everybody~