Saturday, November 29, 2008


december is arriving..wit plane or car or bicycle or beca,i dunno..i just cant believe myself end up being alone again in, i mean in UKM rite now doing da acredatation things..bundles of board need to be set up b4 tomorrow but nobody seems to really care bout it cos everybody is so damn tired to handle it anymore.. but this thing is not da main factor of my loneliness actually...cant believe i fall in luv wit a gay!! ahaha..opss wrong fact!! but watever it is,my heart n my soul r really22222 sarcastically badly miserably HURT AGAIN!! dammit~ god really wanna show me sumtink or it just me who cant figure out of wat really supposedly to happen in my life?supposedly i choose? each day,it's getting worst cos i cant stop thinking n thinking n thinking..ARE GOOD GUYS REALLY EXIST IN THIS WORLD??....stupid me...i gotta be strong no matter wat,pretend like nothing happen,wish that nothing really ever me~


neldras said...

al.. napa nih?? mcm kecewa jer bunyiknya... relax yuk.. kuatkan smgt.. tabahkan hati.. apa yg kita nak tu tak semestinya kita akan dapat kan?

jasmine anis. said...

hahaha. december is coming by car train or beca. ahahahaha. lwk!