Wednesday, November 19, 2008

starting from middle

Im searching 4 da missing part of me…ahaha sound so sarcastic daa..ouch~ damn hurt bila nothing seems to move so well..hmm.. so tired n lazy to study 4 my final paper 4 dis sem..cant wait to end this thing up but too scared to face da ‘killer paper’ huhuhu…wats on my mind?? I dunno..everything seems so blurred up..xdak satu pun clear skang neh.. atoih la, cmno nk wat neh? Wat tatao sudah la kot…may god light up my way 4ever n ever n ever n ever…d end of part 5 r so mysterious..ahahaha loads,loads,loads of ‘miracles’ happened..ahahaha from the happiest hour to the damn f*ckng sad seconds… well, wat do u expect in life then…let by gone be by gone je la…sori ya to everybody~

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