Thursday, December 4, 2008

I'm STUCKED in bangi n STUCKED in life

i want to go home!!!!!!! hari raya aidiladha just few days to come yet im still here in bangi,wit no transportation,no frens n no everything!!! waaaaa tiket balik kedah sudah habis maa,bus n trains suma abeh,ikotkan ati nk nek flight ja tp all of sudden my sis ckp nk balik but hv to wait for her till dis saturday la pulak, n those waiting moments for surely will kill me harsh. mama, adik nk balik umah cepat2 huhuhu i dont wanna stay here much longer doing nothing but thinking bout dat particular human being.

sum1 dat i can see no more, no more bright happy laugh, no more silly silly jokes n for surely no more dat 'in-team' words....sigh,i know it gotta b sumtink wrong wit all this situation or it all just wrong, starting from the very 1st beginning...i can say that, i choosed da wrong guy, again? ahaha

i shouldnt mess myself wit dis pathetic agonizing fluffy fluffy silly feelings again actually. my life is so damn fine for da last 7 months, my bruises are healed, perfectly covered wit no scar(i guessed), i can finally took off da stitches dat make me look awful, im happy as hell o heaven. but when i saw u at dat unfined evening, my heart beats faster then i can imagine...wats happening to me? allah,pls dun try to test me again,emotionally...

i try to keep it as distinguished as i can, i dun want to get carried away by those sceptically stupid feelings dat will always playing around wit people's heart..but i cant, cos u started it..U'v STARTED IT..n me, a weak foolish bengap human being cant avoid anythg but to continue wat u'v started.. n now, all i can do is to go to da pharmacy to get myself a 'painkiller' n loads of plasters again n make my own remedy sumtimes,which is..pretending..pretend dat i'm fine..damn, it's bleeding again...

im sori,it's not me to brag or to accuse anybody but just hoping dat one day i'll know wat is da rite path for me to carry on through my entire me me

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