Monday, January 12, 2009


hey!! help me help me!! i've just got a freakinly bad heart attack cos sum1 dat has been away from my life since da last 9 f*ckng months suddenly strikes me back again on phone...WHAT IS UR INTENTION?? if u think a phone call can changed everythg, can glued back all those tiny little pieces of my heart dat u've intentionally broke 9 months ago??? U R SOOOO DAMN WRONG!!! yes it's true im so happy n glad if u call me..IF U CALL ME 9 MONTHS AGO~hahaha dreaming la, im not dat stupid gurl who can easily fall for ur sad n pathetic creepy BULLSHIT horror stories dat u've ever told or about to tell me again in a mean time...just keep it to urself,opss no no..just tell ur beloved 'wife' la..who am i to hear all those junks a.k.a rubbish? im not DBKL dorh...u gotta fine a better way, lot whole way better than those oldskul tricks cos it has reached da EXPIRY DATE...EXPIRED!!!!

for those who wanna hear some bedtime stories, u r free to contact dat particular person..u'll gonna be so amazed of how he can makes all those drama in the tv come true...seriusly babe!!! real siot cam filem!!! ahaha