Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lelaki Barat Kegilaan Wanita Malaysia's a phenomenal! loads and loads of gurls out there alwez arguing bout their favourite and most handsome celebs, its either the bloodsucking vampire, or the furry warm wolf or the naughty pirate?

"Robert pattinson lagi hensem dr taylor lautner la!!"

"Tak, johnny depp lagi hensem!!"

"Hello....orlando bloom wayyyyy better daaaa"

ok, dats only the example of conversation dat is often heard nowadays. matter wat, everybody has their very own perception. Like i alwez said, BEAUTY/HANDSOMENESS IS IN THE EYES OF BEHOLDERS.

wanna find out my top choice of 'handsomeness phenomenal'? Lets cekodok!!

the list is not in order. just at random je yee..

this guy is like a thousand-faces guy. He can be anything from a blonde rebonding hair warrior to the messy pirates but still look awesome and control macho bak kata org zaman skrang. c'mon, u cant agree more than this rite. He's stunning!!

when it comes to acting, he's one of my favourite plus his accent is cute hehehe. I dunno his exact age but can assume around 30+ rite? but still looks as adorable as the high school guy.Why are you staring at me like dat??

The hot latino!!!! Gosh...seriusly i luv dis guy, not only his look, his voice also lorh....tipulah klu korang tak cair dgr lagu Hero if korang hayati liriknya, then suroh Bf korang yang seumo hidup tak pernah melontarkan suara kecuali untuk ujian azan PAFA pun korang boleh cair tahap ceroi. And if compared to latino/espana/mexican yang ada dalam cita La Usurpadora, enrique is wayyyyyyy much better that Eduardo/Carlos Rodrigo/Ronaldo/Ronaldinho/Hohoho.

As for middle aged guy. I choose this guy!!! The sherlock holmes/the iron man. He's still looking sooo macho/hensem and fatherly look hehe. If korang punya ayah muka cmni, mesti korang lebih risaukan pasal ayah korang daripada husband korang cos igauan malam dan kejutan dapat mak baru pasti akan menjadi kenyataan hahaha

Wat the file this guy on the list? Just pretend u dunno his background and his sexual orientation, and look at the picture below. Does this guy is freakingly gorgeous??? He's face so 80's. And untuk mengukuhkan lagi kenyataan ini, sila tonton video klip 'For Your Entertainment' and look at how he gave the flirty look to the camera. He is soooo Man. hahaha

mesti ramai wanita yg menunggu2 kemunculan mamat penghisap dara opss darah ini di dalam senarai aku. oklah, i have to admit this guy is on top of evey website list and manage to get on my list (mcm hebat sgt list aku). Plus the package of having quite seductive voice,plus the guitar plus the pale, rich, cool vampire character. complete la weh, just one thing....busuk!!! hahaha he admit sendiri yang dia jarang cuci rambut, mandi pun jarang kot..tatao la...

Omg....this guy is tatao nk describe apa. Tgk sendiri la dalam 'Wild Child'. Tapi cam iras-iras Robert Pattinson pun ada gak mamat neh. Watever it is. He's alwez on any kind of list.

last but not least..the best!

JOHNNY DEPP (Cptn Jack Sparrow)
He's a dirty and naughty pirate.(CUTE). He is the freak owner of a chocolate factory (Still CUTE). He's the Madwatever in Alice In Wonderland (CUTE CUTE). He's a barber (Extremely CUTE). So...wat else do u need from a multi talented actor to become the most wanted guy in planet earth? Though dh berumur, but he still on top of the list competing with a new/fresh/jambu looking actor. Cayalah bro!!

so, how is the order suppose to be?

untuk mendapatkan panduan, korang leh rujuk web Jejaka-jejaka Macho Hollywood ini.