Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Real Steel Movie Review (Must Watch Movie)

Wats so special bout this movie? Cos the main actor is Hugh Jackman bebeh...But surprisingly, the publicity of this movie is not as happening as his previous movie.. Dunno why, but this movie is sumting worth to be watch in the cinema.

Lets cekodoks the trailer.

A story bout human being will be no longer hurting themselves in the boxing ring cos in the future, the boxing thing will be done by the ROBOTS. Looks kinda weird at first cos the time setting is in the future,in the year of 2020 maybe but the overall surrounding doesnt seem to look as futuristic as our normal imagination for the future (no flying cars or flying people for sure....haha). I can only catch the time setting of the movie only from the dialogues of the characters. Except for those supersleek hi-tech handphone~  maybe that's the real logic future will be. (compared to other futuristic hollywood movie - aonflux, tron~)

Watever it is, I luv that lil blonde boy! He's awesomely cute and seriously good in acting~ =)

 Hugh Jackman as Charles Kenton 

he's cute~~~ kihkihkih (dakota goyo as Max Kenton)

i rated this movie with 4 stars.

Real great movie doesnt requires any additional x-factor such as super sexy chicks or super sexy abs or even a super hiperbolic media review to make it pecah panggung~ 

p/s : serik dh tgk crita melayu kt panggung selepas kerugian 12hengget tgk crita yg kononnya kutipan 5 juta for the first 5 days bla bla bla....

thanx to my boss for buying the Tayangan Amal Bomba Dan Penyelamat Ticket!