Monday, March 29, 2010

It's So Hard To Let You Go Sales! (Part II)

y'all!! im bek!!!haha bekkkkkkkk

as promised, byk bnda i promise to lets get things straight uno by uno.

daaa...i promised to upload the MOD HOUSE DRESS to u here it is.

Item from previous sale:

The Mod House Black Off-Shoulder Dress

Tadaaa..the Real MOD HOUSE DRESS. Worn once only. Still blacky n crispy like my cat's furs. hehe
Ok, so previously ada org tny bout the price, once again akan dikhabarkan.

Size - Small but stretchable
Harga mencekik dulu - RM210.00
Harga tak cekik dah - from RM55 only

so, whoever want to get/bid/kautim harga again with me, do email/msg/comments/fb/ or watsoever yang boleh dicapai ke penglihatan dan pendengaran aku.  

Item No 2 :
VOIR Semi-Casual Dress 
Colour - Black and white, double layer(inside got lining), smooth cotton, very comfy,with cute black ribbon on the back
Tarikh lahir -September 2009

Size - S
Harga mencekik dulu - RM110.00
Harga tak cekik dah - from RM40 only

Luv that cute lil ribbon and that broad buttons in-front.
The material is so comfy...sgt lembut (cotton klu tak salah) and i wore this like twice only, for my presentation of final project je. After dat, dh tersadai di wardrobe tanpa pengawasan.

Wat a waste if terus dibiarkan sebegitu.

so again, harga boleh dirunding lagi ye...dun wori..just text/email/comment me back.

Item No 3 :
Colour -brown chequered, double layer(inside got lining), cotton, very comfy, with ropol2

Tarikh lahir -december 2009

Size - 8 (small/medium)
Harga mencekik dulu - RM129.00
Harga tak cekik dah - from RM40 only

It's a sleeveless shirt, kinda like more to vest actually cos its only have to button up front, the rest is let loose with ropol2 at the sleeve and the neck and also the front line. Still in a brilliant condition, no single stain on it. So hurry up, first come first serve!! (Luv this item~huhu)

Item No 4 :
Colour -chilli red with a bit of pinky, cotton, very comfy, long sleeve

Tarikh lahir - 2007

Size - M (but sgt 'comel' smpaikan org bersaiz S lagi sesuai pakai)
Harga mencekik dulu - RM 89.90
Harga tak cekik dah - from RM20 only (SOLD)
Baju di zaman keremajaan..hahaha

Yeay, the embroidery is still perfectly stiched at the right place. hehe its on the bottom left of the shirt. the colour is blazingly red. So jangan pakai depan lembu yang kelaparan. Dah tak padan dh aku nk pakai baju bersaiz comel sebegini. hahaha so, sesapa yang masih bersaiz comel, come come rebut peluang!!

Item No 5 :
Colour -black with pink glittery embroidery, almost like sleeveless

Tarikh lahir -2008

Size - Small
Harga mencekik dulu - RM70.00
Harga tak cekik dah - from RM15 only (SOLD)

The 'perada'(glitter2 thingy) masih sempurna di tempat asalnya. Dis belongs to my sis klu tak salah, hahaha..dia lagi la tak padan dh ngn baju neh setelah bergelar ibu kepada seorang baby yg sgt montok tubuh bdannya.

Item No 6:
Hot wind -tshirt
Colour -apple pink with stamp out image, short sleeve
Tarikh lahir -2007
Size - S
Harga mencekik dulu - RM50.00
Harga tak cekik dah - from RM10 only

 The stamped is not really in its excellent condition g dah but it still can be worn. Very small size. I made it as special give je cost harga yg diletak walupun RM10 tp if tolak harga postage, the real price tak smpai half of RM10 pun.

orait, stakat ini shaja kali ini. ada yg akan diupload lagi, nak godek2 closet dulu. So hurry up!! sesapa berminat pls leave your comments or email me at or

p/s:harga boleh dirunding hurry up before org lain yang tak suka berunding merembatnya terlebih dahulu. hehehe