Tuesday, September 8, 2009


lagu ini ditujukan khas kepada pihak berwajib yg spatutnya memberi gaji kepada aku tetapi masih belum dapat ku cium baunya.

sila pasang lagu ahmad jais

bergema suara takbir di angkasa,
selembut bayu meresap ke dalam jiwa,
betapa..hatiku terharu..
menunggu gajiku selalu

terbayang senyuman di wajah nan sepi,
masuknya gajiku di hari la ini,
tapiku...masih menunggu lagi
mengharap duit ada lagi...

dalam dakapan kekosongan poket,
pertemuan yang menyentuh di jiwa,
sekian... lamanya menunggu,
harapan belum menjadi nyata!!

kiranya perpisahan sering menjadi,
akan ku terus mencurahkan bakti,
doaku teriring selalu..
semoga..bertemu kembali...(x pernah bertemu pun lagi)

pulanglah...di hari raya....
begitulah harapan ayahanda~

*last verse saja gimik skit..hahaha

Ghost In Ramadhan( true story of mine)

izit reli tru dat when ramadhan,there will be no ghost?

cos i just reli had 'sumting' happen to me just now. i dunno how to describe it but all i can summarized is, i was TERRIFIED!

the story begin, when im so tired with my head feels like exploding at any moment after a very dizzy afternoon.had a small fight with sum1 dat i reli care bout.

i skipped a while from my work,meet my fren to hand over sum stuff then headed to my house. the only place i can think about to b alone. all i can think is just to lay my head for awhile then continue back to work. i left my laptop n my phone in the office cos i just reli need to b alone,to think bout wat should i do plus im so damn exhausted cos couldnt reli sleep last nite.

it was cozy n extremely quiet in da room,but it doesnt bother me dat much cos im so fed up to stay awake. all i want is to get sum rest. i fall asleep after few minutes,da last memory in my head is da sound of sum kind of elctricuted thing dat seems quite far away.

after an hour, i awake..take a glance at my watch, its 1.30..i give an extra 10 minutes to my eyes to fully open. then,i fall asleep again...this when thing goes wrong.....

im quite sure it was just a dream, a real bad dream...a continous series of never-been-a-good-dream.

my first dream....i was with my family,my dad to be precised. we are in the middle of a wholly bunch of crowd.wat kind of event held, i have no idea. for my suprise,all of sudden everyone surrounds me seems to vanguish n my dad was no longer da face dat i recognized.he said sumting that i couldnt capture n he vanished in the thin air like da salt in the water. and only me left alone in nowhere.

then i awake again but i couldnt move my hand to look at my watch, i fall asleep again n dreaming again.....

i was with my frens, in a group..going to sumplace a concert-funfair like. then its me n one of my housemate, we want to try a maze house or sumting. we moved in couple. me n my housemate, while others were following from quite a distance. at first, nothing's happening when suddenly i bumped into sum1 dat i know but i couldnt recall who he is. all i remember is,he told me 1 word.."Beware"...

then he disappeared.

when we managed to get out from da maze, one of my housemate were been possessed! then theres a middle aged guy came n trying to 'halau' dat 'sumting' but he said, until day 14 dat thing will remains in da body... why izit so precised?? DAY 14?? does it means sumting? i cant even bare to look at her face at dat time, cos dat uncle also said, this would actually happen to me. WTF?? god~

suddenly evrythg turned into CHAOS. everybody were just running for their life like sumthing so damn horrifying is chasing us n wanna eat us alive!

i lost my fren, n i was alone..running like hell to nowhere.no destination. i joined dis group of people in order to feel more secure. then suddenly 'sumbody' stop us from running forward. rite in front of us, there..standing alone...a figure of a gurl.

quite like a shadow but its moving slowly n looks so sorrow n painful to move. our group dint dare to go through dat 'girl'. we moved backward but its so damn blurr~

i open up my eyes for da third time, realizing dat it just a dream. i try to move my body but i cant,feels so damn tired like i never felt b4.... when i closed my eyes again, here i am in the middle of war!!

but everybody in the war is my frens! they r fightng each other..no mercy!! bloods r evrywhre..i stood there,nothing i can do to help myself cos i am unarmed.stood there watching my frens are all gone. cut down by pieces!! i was just crying n yelling n shouting my lung out!!!! ya ALLAH!!!

I awake finally!! pain is all over my body, grab my car key n house key. try my best to open my eyes, so hurt,so blurr...so TERRIFIED!

my mind wasnt there when i drove my car back to office. all i can think is my luvly him. i need to see him rite away cos i left my phone in da office.all i can do is pray i'll arrived in da office safe n sound.

till now, i still feel so weird n my body still hurt. its ramadhan, this thing cant b happening rite? i dunno~ never been this terrified in my life...

*b4 i entered my house, i dint closed da outer gate, but when i wanna went out, i remember, i have to open it. im quite sure with dis.

*doesnt mean to scared the hell out of my housemate, myb it just my feelings cos im so damn exhausted n so down morally,easily get distracted rite? (trying to b positive)