Friday, February 6, 2009

finally berjaya post (hols+works)

eriq n fendy

eddie,me,eriq,fendy n nuha

da wireless is so freakingly slow cam siput 'tut'!!! i'v been trying to post this blog since like a decade ago? ahaha since last monday huhu yeay,went back from jb wit a big smile on my face~(wink*) wat is dat means? nothing..just things went so well n i managed to settle my thing in UTM..met old buddy whilst met new buddies! lurve hang out wit them..neway, thanx for all da help n blanja makan2 n tour2 d jb ya guys...da rezeki leh lepak ag skali together-gether...lalala... (heppi =)

Monday, February 2, 2009


tired tired tired = exhausted like hell!! huhuhu bundles of works in my KIV list..GOD!! site analysis, therapeutic garden design crit on thursday,professional practices project paper, keusahawanan topikal study summore and plus my mid sem exm tomoro nite..dint study a thing yet...OMG how am i supposed to do t-shirt for poli shah alam also dint setel yet..sumbody pls help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!