Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Very Own SuperMAN

though it's actual date is yesterday...still wanna post this up..

Special entry dedicated to all da SUPERMAN around the globe! our father, papa, abah, ayah, daddy,dadeyh, walid, appa dan yang sama wktu dengannya.

Tak kisah la apa jua panggilan yang diberikan kepada mereka, mereka tetap juga seorang SUPERHERO dalam sebuah family.

kenapa saya sayang abah saya? 

kenapa saya sayang abah saya?

It is cos... he always did things with his very own way. Very wicked way that will always makes me wonder.. and thinking so deep...and it will takes me whole lot years to understand why he do such a way. hahaha sounds complicated, but thats the truth of my SUPERMAN!

i luv u daddy! i hope it will never be too late to express my luv to him~ 

Happy Father's Day!!

no money can buy the greatest love of all..

cekodoks dis special video of the Supermom to the Superdad


Misae said...

sedih baca post ni
teringat arwah ayah

alyaanajwa said...

misae : xpe misae..he will always be with u in ur heart and everyone who loves him... =) al-fatihah saya sedekahkan untuk arwah.