Sunday, May 3, 2009

oh so~

oh da lazy me! so damn lazy till i dint even study for a bit for da exam tomoro afternoon. still got 11 hours to go. ahaha short-flip-flop thinking toi.

cant wait to go back home! i'v decided to went back home after wat has happened lately, i need a peace of mind way back at my precious luscious hometown! dun wanna think bout people dat still stucked here in Selangor! ahaha i want KEDAH! i want MUMMY! i want ABAH! i want my SISTERS! i want my ABUN! i want my NICHII,TAM-TAM,TITAN,ARMANI,CALVIN,RED RIDING HOOD!

when i'v reached kedah, my Hp will be no longer in contact k..gotta shut it off right away! u can contact me via the webpage dat i always on n my blog only..hohoho

gimme a total isolation from PENIPU GUY!

alyaa cant wait cant wait~


zul said...

balek kedah x ajak~

fara-D said...

semoga balik ke pangkua keluarga akan refresh alyaa dalam menyiapkan design final nnt. all the best!

alyaanajwa said...

oh..masih di bangi..belum pulang lagi..esok or lusa myb...ya ya, nk bg wangi balik pala otak, air wick dh abeh..huhu