Monday, May 4, 2009

Insomnia eh?

its 4 am! gosh..y i couldnt sleep dis night eventhough im so damn tired n my head feels like bursting at any, HUNGRY! but its 4 am, i've no intention of changing my attire, go down stairs to get my car n drive all way down to get some munchys, rather starving lor~ (dieting also)

bored with da facebooking cos less people did on9 since 10pm (the moment i'v been trying to force myself to sleep but failed till now..WTB)

bored with the myspace, youtube and other nets stuff..ARGHH..wat should i do..i want to sleep!! wanna lepaks wit buddies pon suma dh pakat tido, am i the only person alive at dis particular seconds? HeLLOOO anybody out there?? ALive, i mean.haha

ya, forgot to tell, i've done with 3 movies directly since 12.01am, but still...TOLONG LA TUTUP MATAKU INI~

is something bothering me? i dunno...aiyoo

jeles kt roomate aku, tido dgn penuh bergaya tanpa was-was. Fine~


zul said...

len kali kal0 x dpat tid0, kira brpa ekor biri2 l0mpat..mcm sin chan~

alyaanajwa said...

mcm2 jenis binatang samada yg hidup ataupon yg dh meniggal pun aku dh try kira weh..x leh jugak

zul said...

kena kira smbil ml0mpat gak la 2..ha2~
g la menc0ret kt adidas puteh 2 kal0 da x dpat gk..~