Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Friendster, Myspace, Facebook, etc etc i would like to talk a bit about the social networking web(s) dat has become a new range or tool of connecting people worldwide and also a place for everybody to express themselve and also not to forget to chat with whoever the person in the networking without even knowing who da heck da person is..(kinda weird rite when somebody dat we dun even know or even thought to know bounces on us like we've been knowing each other since we'r in standard one..hehe) but this is the real situation nowadays..nothing is impossible in this era!! (impossible is nothing>>tagline adidas kan?)...(why i sounded like my lecturer? haha)

well..from my real life things begins with the oldskul one... the Friendster, then comes the Myspace, then the Tagged, the Facebook,Twitter..etc etc...(im not dat so up-to-date person bout this technology k..forgive if i missed anythg important here..cos i just listed up anythg that so far of my concern..)*wink*

here's a bit history of those i've been introduced by those web..BASED FROM A TRUE STORY(poyo jer)

Friendster : if im not mistaken, i begin to sign up dis FS account when i was in form 3,just for fun..cos looking at everybody else doing da same thing..talking bout how many frens they able to get..(so lawan la sapa frens paling ramai..x leh still da g kot habit tuh skrang di kalangan belia2 kita)...wat to do...old habits from ancestor always strikes back to youngster..(talking like a nanny(grandma ye)..not that 'the Nanny' yang rambut kembang dan ckap ala2 tomok time zaman 'sejarah mungkin berulang' tuh ye)

being the first(from wat i know..if ada yg lagi lama dr FS neh,then thats not my concern) will definitely have loads of weakness but the applications available at that time are just sufficient for a pc with Window 95 to support (plus dial-up connection)...way back to the gud old time~

from time to time, there comes the Myspace.

Myspace : i first sign up dis MS when i was in Matriculation (2005)...the applications is quite similar to FS just i looks more upgraded n more futuristic i guess...further more, i found out dat MS are widely uses by those people so-called 'artist' to promote their album,debut,single,double,triple watsoever.. it is also a best place to advertise your product such as photography studio, modelling agency, selling clothes and also selling urself(in fact..byk kot yang tayang body n muka..then post bulletin byk2 swoh org comment gambar..adoih la~) but thats individual perception, no offence (cos it's human nature..suka yg x suka weh?..abaq mai kat aku..haha) comes the Facebook..tadaa

Facebook : in malaysia, this web can be consider as the most popular networking rite now but in america..Twitter is da ultimate choice for the american. Dun wanna talk bout the Twitter cos the topic is bout the Facebook (jgn lari silibus ye alyaa). from my point of view, dis FB got to many APPLICATIONS lor!!! till this particular second, me myself have 350 apps dat i havent open yet...(damn~ to much to handle)

but, from wat i'v found rite now, this networking web is no longer working as the networking cos everybody seems to enjoy doin as those quiz zes available in the web (aku pun tumpang sekaki) and this is the reason why everybody choosed over FB as their fav web from tis time being...till when? hv no idea..myb till they'v done all da quizzes n get bored of it..hahaha

so, what else to come? let those Pc freaks determine the future cos im not in this field lor...but wateva it is.. i salute all those genius freaks!! thanx y'all!!!

*lecturer aku pun menggunakan medium Facebook untuk meng'contact' student2 nya dan juga untuk membuat pemberitahuan tentang jadual kelas..canggih kan lecturer zaman sekarang?*


fara-D said...

sini blog takde button "Like" macam fb kah??
hahaha... true true...message kat facebook seems to spread faster than the messages dari mulut ke mulut. semua pun check kat facebook saje, email pun i bet seko malas bukak. haha

alyaanajwa said...

haha nak kena tambah la dia punya nnt jd Fb lak..berat!!