Monday, March 16, 2009

hepi belated burstday to masawo!!

we hv been planning everythg but seem so messed up..ahaha things turned out to be quite chaotic..smpai bebai la besday, in order to cover up our mistake, we hv to run da plan B (actually xdak plan sgt pun) ahaha so,mcm2 crita la yg terjadi..aku bergado ngn **** la..mcm2 la..

but da worst part is da heavy rain..gosh~ ni la yg org slalu ckp, manusia hanya mampu merancang, tuhan yang menentukan..basah kuyup la aku n rakan2...kena la pulak tukar location of da suprise party..but wateva it is, everythg is smooth later on..simple but memorable day for everybody i hope..bestnya dpt suprised party!!

how i wish one day i can celebrate again my birthday cos since last 4 years, a birthday is just a day dat my age will be +1 in dat year..tu je la...wake up in the morning thinking bout wat will gonna happen next...everythg is still a blur~

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