Monday, March 9, 2009

he did it again

it's 3 am n my fon beeps, it's a message from sum1 dat i know since i was 19 or 18(cant recall), wit his cute attitude(as usual) replying my maulidur rasul msg dat i've sent to him early in the morning da day before.. whilst im busy doing my presentation bod, tension cari bod satu g x jumpa, my fren yg ada bod tuh aku kol x angkat pulak, aku buzz dia kt YM x reply jugak...(GERAMNYA!!!)...(ntah lepak umah spa ntah la~huh!) but dat not da thing dat is bothering me(even it really does bother me emotionally) ahaha..ok, get back to da real story..

he (S**i) asked me again bout how i feel towards him, AGAIN! usual question (do u think there r still sumwhere inside ur heart dat can belongs to me?cos i cant stop thinking of u each day~)... y r u so determine to get me back eventhough u know how much i've hurt u before this? not sure..but i've to admit dat deep inside my heart dat i still adore u,like u n maybe luv u but rite now my heart is so messed up wit so many things in my mind dat i could never ever tell anybody but me...ya allah~ help me..... show me da rite way, da rite person, da rite decision to make...

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