Tuesday, January 20, 2009


dis cough is killing me!!! it's been a while since da last time i caught a very bad cough..during matriculation if i'm not mistaken..i hate it sooo much!! cos whenever i cough, it's not da regular cough, it's extra special dishes out sigh...feels like dying!!! complete set with lung congestion, my throat feels like bursting out, tears cme down my face (rolling down? ahaha), n i hardly cant breathe n for worst, i dunno how to control it!!! warghhh berjangkit kt spa ntah neh...huhuhuhuhuhu god, help me~


oiii said...

alolorh..cian nyer die..inum ais kot..isap okok ker?..ker mammbik alcohol?..mkn laa ubat..p jumpe dr..

alyaanajwa said...

im not a smoker..neither drink lorh..