Saturday, January 24, 2009

HOLIDAY..definitely not for me

wanna go quiet way back here in my college, everybody is leaving to their hometown, having a nice warm holiday for chinese new year, but i end up staying here instead, settling my thesis...huhuhu sad n alone but wat to do..i'v to do this or else i'll got abundance of works after the hols...

dunno wat happen this few days, im so tired doing my job yet still plenty left..adoih, anybody care for a help?? if only my life would be much easier then...if only~..gotta go to UPM, UM, UTM,USM, it's all for my thesis..hope that everythg will be fine n go on as wat i'v plan b4.. on 28th going to UPM n UM..on 29-31st will be UTM pulak..wah2, kalah pak lah la busy aku neh..ahaha yet, still sempat shopping g kot td..ahaha i LURVE shop shop shop..dats the best remedy for me!!! but duit x dak la pulak..huhuhu nak cari duit..nak cari spa2 da keja part time x?

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