Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Justin Bieber come to Malaysia? ears bleeding..since this morning. will be playing bieber's song throughout the day till they reached up to 15,000 love note on their facebook page. The intention is, to bring Justin Bieber down to Malaysia. So to all BIEBER's KIPAS. Go to HERE to post your love notes that definitely will never be read out one by one by Bieber. hahaha omg...knapa la org minat sgt kt mamat neh, aku pun tatao.Aku pun minat jugak artis2 neh tapi aku tak pernah fanaticly stick to one particular artist cos whoever artist yang boleh menyedapkan lagu yg sumbang, aku terima je....

I admit that he got the talent but hearing to his 5 songs only for the whole day??? U must be kidding me....adoih xpa la..neway it's fun to watch how KIPAS SUSAH MATI those people who already posted their love note to that young and lady-like voice boy. Antara contoh2 yang boleh dirujuk adalah :

Hitz.FM rocks! Me and my sister ....... are HUGE Fans of Justin Bieber. She's crazy bout him =_= her calculator is full of JB pictures, it hardly looks like a calculator anymore. Soo, please justin! Come down to malaysia! I'm calling for you JB, please let me inside your world 


OMG!! Justin Bieber, pleeeeaaaaasssseee come down to Malaysia!! Your my common denominator! I'm a Bielieber!! Justin pleaseee. I need somebody to love! Please let me be your one love,, your one heart.. Your one life for sure.. I'll give you everything you need.. Down to my last dime Imma tell you one time Justin, I LOVE YOU ;)


and so much more....

tapi...dalam2 love note tu..ada jugak 'love note' to bieber... antaranya..


I want to see that immature brat messes up every shits. Seriously, leave Malaysia alone.


dan sebagainya..hehe no offence...aku terima je mna2 artis yg bagus, tak kira lah cmna rupa paras dan tahap kejambuannya.


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Ct DJa said...

am not that so into JB, wahahalaau.
tp, ttp lagu2 dea cepat je tangkap kat mulut. T____T"