Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Love......Luv You Always Mr A...

He captures me with his charm and his character. From the very first time i saw him, i've fallen in luv with him. 5 years ago, he was so tiny, i could fit him in my sweater's pocket. He was so skinny, barely can stand on his own feet, barely can even make a sound. He was so weak. Nobody was around to do care bout his existence, he would only have another 24hours to live. 
Me and my sis grab his tiny lil skinny to bone body from a garbage bin at my mom's office and covered him with a blanket to bring him back home. I was crying back then whenever i watch him trying to stand and took a very painful step. We have to force him to eat some food for his own energy and the most important thing is we definitely dint want to watch him dying in our own hands. Luckily he gained his energy back and be able to start walking again. For the very time we bathed him, and it was really hilarious when we could easily see how small and tiny he is when his fur is all wet. His real body was covered with fluffy furs that hid his actual figure which actually as big as an extra small size mug.

Starting from that day, i could see the radical physical changes of him. From just a 10cm skinny,hopeless kitty, he turned out to be a gigantic heavy furry white monster till my frens described him as big as a washbasin (sinki) cos he always slept in the basin whenever he needs to cool down his body and that basin really fits him well till there's no spaces left to breathe. He was so adorable!!! He always wanna get in my bedroom cos he always wanted to be in the cold area cos of his weight (overweight) plus the fluffy furs summore, he is really a 'HOT' cat!! hahaha.. When it comes to describe his behaviour, he will definitely fall on top of the best character chart. (compared to my others 4 feet monster). He never created any trouble in my family, in fact we felt really safe whenever he's around cos he always be my family's alarm clock when he always woke us up early in the morning especially during fasting month. He will be the first 'person' to awake and to tell us that it is time to wake up and sahur.  
The glorious moments with him continued until I went to further my study in university, I could only meet him once I got back home. But sadly, he is not a stay-at-home cat anymore. He tends to loiter around, jalan2 pusing tanda kawasan, then after 2-3 days later he got back home with an empty stomach. After filling his fuel, he just rest at the house porch then when he woke up, he continues his mission again. That was his routine every day. He is no longer a fluffy white cat that I can hold and hug him, in fact, his conditions is not advisable to be hug. Whenever he headed back home, I could see from far that my fur white cat has already turned into a grey-black-ish muddy contractor-like cat. His feet will definitely full of grey dust, his head full of oil (engine oil whatsoever..pi tonyoh muka kat mana tatao), and his smell..ughh…like heaven~ haha but no matter how smelly he is, how comot he is, I will always luv to hug him,gomoi2 him and sleep with him cos I really luv to convert him as my pillow. Hehe (convert tuh…gile deep) 
But, it’s written in faith that he will never be together with me forever….July 2010(dunno the exact date), ive received a SMS from my mother telling me that he didn’t come back home since June (bout 3 weeks) and the last time she saw him, his cheek is swelling and he looks so thin. That was the last memory of him…for me, it’s been like months ago dat I haven’t see him cos the last time I went back home in April (kot), he was not around..busy with his construction job..outstation as usual… I miss him… a lot….god…pls bless his soul and if i got the chance to have ‘someone’ like him again, I will never wasted any single secs to pamper,love,hug and gomoi2 him again. I will worship him. People always say that ‘EVERY CAT GOES TO HEAVEN’…and I’m sure he will or he already does…..

  MR ABOON aka ODDY (nama surat beranak). 2006 - July 2010
 subject bukan yg bertudung ye...

zaman dh comot...huhuhu

hasil kerjasama Aboon dan pasangannya..terjadilah...TITAN


Titan, nichii dan tam-tam

R.I.P Mr Aboon aka ODDY.


fiezafz said...

barissssss! angkat tangan. bagus! pandai anak buah aunty. hik3 titan tu comey gila. :)

alyaanajwa said...

hehe titan yg plg mengarut skali!