Thursday, May 20, 2010

This is how we described a DIVA

videos tell zillion of words. she alwez be the idol of my life. ive been admiring her talent since she was 'born' in the american idol. this is the true talent that doesnt being masked out by pretty face. kpd artis-artis tempatan, tolonglah jgn bergantung harap kepada teknologi terkini untuk menyedapkan suara anda yang ala kadar itu. everyone can be better if we try harder n harder. yeah....KELLY CLARKSON ROX!!!!


dan lagi....

dan dan lagi...

haha udah-udah le...bukak la youtube sendiri...adoih...

p/s : diva-diva tempatan yang aku salute adalah allahyarhamah datin sri saloma (suara dia lemak berkrim tak perlu menjerit2 pun untuk buktikan bahawa dia mempunyai suara yang sgt merdu), jaclyn victor (cos of her ability to do the high note dgn mudahnya) dan aisyah. (old skul beb)

sedih tak dpt g konsert kelly ritu..huhuhu


alyaanajwa said...

dis is the smallest size of the video that i can embed...huhuhu

Azizan said...

you can change the size actually.
example :

check your code at "EDIT HMTL" :)

something like this

object width="440" height="285"

should be there, you can experiment yourself which size that you want. Just reduce the number for the smaller size :)

alyaa said...

hohoho yep2...i notice that but nk experiment tu yg menguji pembuangan masa..heheh time akan di try.. thanx azizan!