Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Confession of a RETIRED shopaholic

omg!!! (gaya gewdix skit..haha) i seldomly brag bout wat i wanted to buy, wat am i wearing today, wat kind of shoes did i wore yesterday or even tomorrow, wat type of make-up that suits me,mascara, n bla bla bla.. Wat i always offer is the Macaroni and spagheti instead, not mascara. hahaha weird rite? a lady who dint know bout make-up?  and dont even know wat is the different between liquid foundation and powder based foundation, arent they are still called as Foundation? so...wateverla~ if sumbody wanna put colours on my face, ska ati la korang nk letak tepung gandum skali pun, janji muka aku tak jadi cm Wayang Tongkoi sudah la...haha

erm...that whole introduction is totally out of line actually..hahaha the main topic is spcifically bout sumting dat i really wanted to get it but....just keep in thought je la...(nk simpan duit~)

i was jalan-jalan wit my hubby, just bosan2 pusing-pusing kedai...then, got into my 'Wajib Masuk Tengok Dan Keluar Tanpa Membeli' kedai. Then, got strucked/stucked/shocked/keras/terkesima/terpegun dengan dis item.....

wats dat??(stupid question)

gorgeous! byk compartment inside out. The colour is grey wit navy blue outline if im not mistaken. kaler kt sini dh lari skit cos of the lighting of the shop.Velvet-like with leather materials.

sdikit contoh bagaimana letaknya di situ...quite big...i loike~ boleh sumbat mcm2..hahaha

close up skit..opss sori tak clear. 

hmm...for me ok la...not so bad,not so nice but reasonable with the price la. cos its simple and sleek. i dun really like the fluffy exaggerate design. for sumthing that is less than RM200. This is so nice! (U bought a RM700-RM1000 handbag yg tak cantek sgt pun, but cos of the 'G','C','J' or watever huruf yang boleh dikenalpasti, better not la..u'll gonna regret it faster than u thought)

Now i realized one thing, that i can really strict up, stopping myself from buying ridiculous things that i dont really need pun. Cos whenever kita dh start cari duit untuk diri sendiri without bergantung harap from our beloved parents, baru la kita realized how money really means everything in this cruel world. Seriously.

From a very bad Shopaholic, i have turned into a 'Stop and Stare-holic' only. Though it's not very easy to deal with, but only one thing that keeps me going, "IT JUST FASHIONS, IT COME AND GO, NEVER STOP DEVELOPING, NO NEED TO WORRY BOUT GETTING OUTDATED ACTUALLY" cos who knew, watever that we wore in our past might come back and become the new trend setting just like the bell-bottom and skinny thing did. So, dont throw away your granny's kebaya.

oraits..just for thought~ Hepi Buying...Think and Selak Your Wallet First Before You Buy!

p/s : i dint buy that bag. hehehe yeay! berjaya menahan diri...fuh~


irreplaceable said...

well done...mest diinspirasi dari cite confession of shopaholic ni...kan..hehe....neway its a good start..:)

alyaanajwa said...

Hehe tq!!