Sunday, March 14, 2010

First time ever Go Green sale!!

Go Green Shirt is up!!

Our campaign launching is done on past 10th March 2010. Thanx to all yg terlibat ye.Here are several photos of the events.

our streetstyle exhibition by using alam flora recycle boxes!!

we gonna touch up a bit on the photo border, sory ya hari tu tak sempat nk frame-kan cun2 skit. (time restriction huhu)

 indie style packaging for VIP souvenir! the wrapper is our very own launching poster, printed on kertas nasi lemak. cool aite? hehe (jimat cost maa...Go Green!!)

The tentative also on nasi lemak wrapper.

The crowds and booth from Alam Flora

The sempoi admin gang!! Cayalah Dr. and Prof yang sgt sporting. Amek gambo pun snggup duduk atas lantai je..hoho respect la!! Ni baru la new perception kepada para Dr. and Prof yang ada di luar sana. Pangkat dan gelaran bukan ukuran untuk kita sama-sama bekerjasama. From right(duduk): Dr Fariz, Dr Ezlin, Dr Rahmah, Prof Mazlin,Puan Wan Dara, etc)
Middle row from left : Dr Kohei Watanabe,etc(tak ingat nama dorang) hehe

The performance group! You guys rox!! Tq so much!!

The Project Runaway X entries!! Nicely done~(suke2)

and much more photos yang belum transfer from camera.
All the entries of The X:Site Photography Competition volume 2 have been exhibited during that 3 days event and we already got the top ten photos in our hand!! 

For those who has entered, be patient k. The second stage evaluation will be done again to find the tremendous Grand Prize winner!! (t-shirt for every entries and invitation for prize giving ceremony akan diagihkan sebaik sahaja we got the top three winner..meanwhile, pls send us the sizes that u required for the t-shirt)

For those yang bertanya, kitorang nk beli kt mna eh t-shirt neh? Ada lagi tak? Brapa hengget eh? Kaler apa ada? Size cmna?

Ya...sekarang saya akan jawabkan satu persatu.

Soalan pertama : Kat mana kitorang nk beli?
Ok .We accept orders. Boleh order via my emel/blog or facebook account aku. Sila klik disini Facebook link.Or email XSITE. Or u even can text me via phone. Any enquiry boleh tny kt website XSITE iaitu


boleh walk-in ke X:SITE itu sendiri yang terletak di Pusanika,Aras 4. Kat situ korang leh tgk live baju2 yang ada dan size yang ada. 

Soalan kedua : Ada lagi tak?
Mestilah ada lagi bro. Ni contoh design yang ada dan saiz yang ada adalah S,M,L,XL dan XXL. (standard size- aku boleh pakai S or M. The one that i'm wearing is M size)

 Sori, kaler hitam will be printed based on demand. So skang kitorang ada kaler Apple Green and White. Ada dua design seperti dalam gambar di atas.

kat blakang ada cute environmental awareness cartoon by High Moon.

About the quality, no worries!! The printing quality is extremely nice plus the material of the shirt also sedap dipakai, cotton yg lembut. bukan yang keras cekadak cam kain polish keta. Nak tgk contoh baju2 yang dh dipakai, leh usha2 gambar di atas.

So, hurry up while stock last. Currently almost 100 pieces have been sold!! Grab your piece now!!

The price is RM25 only!! Postage is free to all nation wide!!!!(negera seberang ikot kadar idd I-Talk)

p/s : whoever yg interested/enquiry do contact me cepat2 especially nk tny available size.


semestahitam said...

nak beli tshiirt tuh still bley ke x?

alyaanajwa said...

yerp..kaler putih still available..tinggal size M,l and XL shja..hijau out of stock d. if nat, do emel me at ASAP ye...tq