Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kitty Looking For Home...Pls help me~

urgent! sesiapa yg nak amek anak angkat, sila contact saya directly via my email or here or fb or watever way that u guys can reach me...

there's a very cute cat looking for home~ she's a stray cat...but she's very cute and adorable.. she came my frens house.. but my fren cudnt keep her cos she already has 3 dogs in her kesian la dat cat.. and for me myself, though i love cat but i also cudnt keep her for this moment cos i'm in the process of moving into a new house...kinda messy here...kang nanti kucing tu kurus keremping pulak...huhuhu so, sesiapa yg berminat untuk menambahkan pahala, silalah kasihani makhluk tuhan yg amat comel ini ye... homeless~ huhuhu

 plis plis plis adopt me....

one day i'll pray for u in heaven =)

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