Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Plain White T's New Song

This is such a very cool, soft and soothing song..with a very sweet lyrics... I say..This is PERFECT!


this is the lyrics video.. and

this is the Official Music Video

eh..why is the vocalist voice isnt the same as in Hey there Delaila?... It is cos, it's not the usual vocalist who sang this song, but their other band member. This time, he is the one who sang this nice sweet song. His voice is nice oso meh....Good2..Whole band member can sing..So multifunction..hehe

ini mereka!


lavender harum wangi said...

this is last year's song i thought. nice, hepi song~ :D pasal penyanyi tu baru tau.. sebelum ni dgr je, tak alert pun pasal singer~ HAHA

alyaanajwa said...

eh? lagu lama eh? sebab baru glemer je kt radio...hehe yerp2..singer lain