Thursday, June 25, 2009

Notes from an OKU person(thank God im alive)

it was a dull evening, it was me n my fren riding a motorbike borrowed from a junior of mine.

everythg was so fast! nothing is expected..all i know, i woke up in a ' hamba Allah's car with blood on my face,my shirt n my hand. Struggling my mind to remember wat ever happened? "is dis a dream cos i dint feel any pain at all." in my mind...

"Ya Allah,ini mimpi kan? Kalau benar,bagilah memoriku secepat mungkin."

"Dia dh sedar!", dats da 1st thing i heard. I try to clear up my vision,a bunch of people surrounding me like im da centre of attention. And yes indeed, I am the centre of attention cos it was me they talked about.

i want to get up but, why my hand dint follow my body?

"Jgn gerak dik, tgn adik patah".
wat? patah? i look at my hand,it looks a bit ackward as usual. it's tilted at the elbow.But i dint feel a thing. no pain,no.. nothing.

i try to speak, but my words were scrambled. i touch my mouth wit my right hand dat full of blood. Dammit~ wheres my teeth? then i touch my lips. then im shaking like hell. my lower lips were torn into two.

"wat da hell is dis!!"

"adik baru eksiden td, igt x?"

Nooooooooooo..di is a dream..dis is a dream... dis arent real!!

i lay back,then suddenly i felt da pain all over my body. at dis time i know, DIS AINT A DREAM! IT'S REAL!
ya Allah.....

i couldnt think bout anythg else except,

"mana kawan saya?mana kawan saya?". dats da 1st question dat came out from my mouth.

"mana kawan saya encik?dia ok ke? mana dia?"

a lady shown up in front of me saying,"kwn awak dh masuk ambulnce"

ya allah..apa yg aku dh buat....."im sorry yin,im sori..sori..."

i try to get up again but i forgot, my hand reminds me from getting up, i held my 'un-function' hand with my other hand while thinking hardly to remember everything back,putting back all da puzzles in my head.

all i know then,an ambulance took me to the hospital with me,holding tight to my broken hand.but amazingly i dint shed a tear at all. only my head feels like exploding at any time being.

back in the ER,i saw my fren on da next bed,doing gr8. "thnk god she's fine"
dats all i need to know at dat time.i dun care wat happend to me as long as she's fine cos it's my fault. its my fault for not being crefull of myself n my passenger.

da moments of waiting in da ER really suprising me,

how my frens came down to see me

how my aunty crying when saw me

how my brother in law's bro arguing wit da impolite nurse really makes me extremely thankful dat im alive.

and how i get to know dat my parents already all their way down from kedah to kl cos of me.





azizilsedek said...

i read your status on fb...
hope you're recovering fast...
get enough rest... be strong...
(i know you are cos ur writing on ur blog here) :)
chill... ape2 pon syukur...
alhamdulillah... u're still alive n recovering...

take care... ;)

Azizil Sedek

e-cha said...

tabah kak alyaa!!!!

yin said...

leksla alia...walaupun semua ni perkara yang banyak hikmah kita dapat sini...yg paling terasa adalah betapa ramainya kawan kita ingat kat kita time kejadian....kita x keseorangan alaminya sendiri....tu yg buat kita cepat pulih...hope ko makin sihat..xsempat jumpa ko..esok aku balik sabah da...sampai skang family ku xtau apa yg jadi ngan kita...biarla semua jadi cerita je...luv u frenz...

eLLy said...

thank god u alive...
b strong kak alyaa..
take care of ur self ok..
pe2 pon kte semo jsb dah mcm one family...
bce entry ni nak nangis~

suehana said...

kelembutan hati ak terserlah...
ak nangis alyaa..(jgn bgtau org..)

sori sbb xsempat lwt ko kt hosp in the mean time.. tp ak ikuti perkembangan ko..

sirius black ak terkejut time dgr ko xcident.. sbb ko kn pemandu berhemah... tp benda da jd kn, biarlah ia berlalu.. luka akan sembuh, banyak benda ko dapat in return for this pain..(eceh sue..)

anyway... tc urself... ubat mkn ikot time.. da sihat nnt kita jmpa lg.. rest well... hargai org sekitar ko..u can see the love that usually invincible. that world treasures. :)

neldras said...

al.. get wett soon..

aryfrasydo said...

setiap kejadian msti ada sesuatu yg tuhan nk bg taw
redha dan banyk besabar
dan banyk berehat

~M i z a ~ said...

weh,aku bru tau apa jdik..
thank god hg ok lgik..
jg dri elok2 tau..
get a good rest