Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kecacatanku yang ketara

no body is perfect..well, the term 'perfect' itself has its own justification based on individual perception..if wanna be precised, sila rujuk kamus oxford atau long-man atau kalu baru tringat dat we'r living in the world of gadgets n technology..pls search by using WIKIPEDIA..(saved loads of time n money- for those who dint own any dictionary anymore cos the old dictionary dah jual kat 'bai' or china old-news-paper time tgh terdesak xdak duit...ahaha aku la tuh)

ok...back to topic ye.. as for me, of cos as a normal human being, i have plenty of 'kecacatan' dat is unavoidable...sumtimes is not due to nature-course, but due to my surroundings and also my own bad habits (padan muka ang la alyaa~)

ya..dats me...i've started to realize dat i got da symptomes of this 'disease' when i was in form 2. i barely..actually hardly cant remember wat happen when i was a kid especially the memory before i turned to 8 years old..i just remember those simple things and also maybe the major events dat ever happened way back then..not da particular situations. dats y when everybody else around me talking bout their childhood memory, every single details dat happened, i am so damn jealous of them cos i only can tell a minor part of it.

even now also, my head are so damn twisted up...i easily can forget what ever happen lately till everybody have to remind me of almost everything even for a week-passed events only..sish..even my sentences rite now also tunggang langgang dh...wateva la

so sori if one day i forgotten bout who u r to me?.. what is your name? who r u?..do i know u? ahaha..so guys, keep on reminding me of who u r,k..cos its not dat i want to forget u, but it's my baddest weakness dat i couldnt find the remedy yet...

alyaa takot jd alzheimer nnt...huhuhu

ahaha..before dis i never had this thing happen, but i have to admit dat powerful sentence bout respecting your own mother "syurga bawah tapak kaki ibu".
Its true!!

padan muka ang alyaa...actually, its all the inherit from my mom. my mom is da most 'salah-cakap' person dat i've ever met in my life so far. so, each time she 'salah-cakap',(for example : adik, p amek kasut dlm peti ais) me n my siblings will definitely laughing at her and teased her back... so, the result is... PADAN MUKA AKU KENA SUMPAH NGN MAMA!!!

wahaha now, i am very famous among my best buddies with my 'twisted-bullshit- meaningless tougue' language... for those who dint know me quite well, especially sum1 who spoke to me for the very first time may thought than i am nervous to talk to them till my words r all gone haywired.

dats y, cik yah(my close buddy in ukm rite now) bagi satu sentence kt aku... mulut aku lagi laju otak..i think la..sensor otak aku lambat sgt antaq impuls kt mulut..so mulut aku wat decision sendri untuk ckp..ahaha (boleh ke mulut wat decision..means..mulut berfikir?)

dats all for this time being..x larat dh nk nulih sbb skang aku da ag satu sindrom, SINDROM MIMPI NTAH PAHPA JADAH TIME TDO TP BILA BANGUN X IGT PA MIMPI TD..pnjg x nama sindrom neh?hehe(disebabkan otak terlalu penat dan rsa cam nk tdo je spanjang masa)

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