Tuesday, March 31, 2009

it's almost 4 in the morning

im sitting all alone on my bed in precious Pendeta Zaaba College(ahahahahaha so damn 'precious')...it's almost quater to 4 am rite now..im tired n sleepy but thinking of my design assignment that have been postponed by me since last thursday...gosh, tomoro is wednesday then thursday again..sh*t..wateva it is..i'v to get it done at least 40% to crit by my lecturer on thursday...chiayo2

hmm...all of sudden i am thinking of sum1..wearing da shirt given by sum1, reminds me of her/his smells, laugh,voice n of cos..reminds me of dat person..wonder wat he/she's doing rite now~ damn!!! syooh syooh..could pls dis feeling fly away from me?? aiyooo tambi... but i know he/she will definitely will never ever think of me even for a sec pon...well, dats life as it is~ lalalala life is wonderfoolllll


Anonymous said...

ah tank kah???

alyaanajwa said...

ah tank?? ahaha bukan2