Sunday, January 4, 2009

A new year, A new day n A new life

yeah 2009!!! starting a new year wit a very boring start i guess..hahaha luckily da new semester have not started yet,still i got extra week to rest up my mind n also to accept da fact dat im in my final year, to be precised, FINAL SEM!! warghhh bundles dundles of works are awaiting for me again..lets rox wit those junkS!! ahaha neway, im setting up a new year's resolution, JANGAN MAIN-MAIN LAGI ALYAA... i want to improved my cgpa,being a nerd but yet still having fun in da final year..hehe forget bout those sceptical foolish feeling la, bf? tolak tepi dulu la ye tp scandal tuh bleh diterima ag la kot..ahahaha juz kidding dorh..but no matter wat,im not a,being a straight gurl,definitely cant avoided me from admiring a 'cute' boy(s)..hehe sori la..kinda bz lately n wireless in ukm also kinda sucks,hard to update my blog frequently...daaa 2008 n OLLA 2009!!!

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